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What an Amazing staff, fun activities, highly recommend this place!
David Berríos
Enjoys all the activities and the beautiful courtyard !!
Alan Thibodeau
Thank you for getting me well. I loved the the Hawaiian Luau and activities department!
Sandra Jacques
The nurse aides are helpful,courteous, Shanqiue,Danille,they have a garden, alot of activities.
Pasquale Barberio
I give the rehab center a 10 out of 10 ! The personnel is great!
Judy Evans
My mom loves that place, especially the activities all the girls are amazing, she loves her bingo nights for sure. The rehab, the CNA’s, nurses and even the food. Thank you so much.
Alexandra Gonzalez
Staff was generous with supplies and gave me encouragement on my craft.
Magdalena Maurice
I love this place, I would definitely come back! The staff is great, and the food is good for a rehab! Fun activities, lots to do!
Kathleen Ortiz
The staff at Orange City Nursing and Rehab was above reproach. Everyone was competent, kind, helpful, and good natured. The physical therapy staff helped my husband regain his strength quickly. My husband also said the meals were very good.
Marsha Cameron
Great facility. The nurses and CNA's are very caring and attentive. As with most places they are short staffed but they do their best. The administrative staff are friendly and professional and are great at keeping me updated. No one likes to be in nursing homes but they do a great job. The activities director keeps my Dad interacting with the other residents and gives him things to look forward to.
Steve Diaz
People are very warm,and hospitable! Activity Department is awesome! Love the Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy Department. Great nursing department too.
Tim Price
Very happy with my mom’s experience at Orange City Rehab !Julie the admissions director was fabulous to work with and the entire staff was top notch. Danielle was so kind and made my mom feel comfortable ! Irma the physical therapist was amazing ! This facility is run very well !! Thank you for all your help
Kylie Tolar
A great place for my mom. They really take care of everyone individually. Mom resisted the move in the beginning but with the help of everyone she adapted easier. Bonnie and her team did a great job with all the activities and ensured that mom was included. They go room to room to ensure that all participate and I have seen the great morales amongst everyone. Great job Bonnie and Team, keep up the good work!
Tim Elkelany
This place is impeccably amazing. The difference between this place and the other Nursing home in Deltona is night and day. There are no words to describe the energy, attitude and service you get from this place. Congrats on the change. My grandmother was here many years ago and it was . I'm happy that my loved one is being cared for at this facility. Great job.❤️
Bonnie has been very caring and loving since day one. She has encouraged me also to participate in the activities, but have not. The activities look wonderful Today Bonnie helped by getting me ready for therapy. After yesterday's meeting she took me outside to see courtyard and I met Doris a lovely lady. Nothing but wonderful experience.
Nancy McFadzean
This is my second time in a year and a half that I've been here at Orange City Rehab. My experience both times were great. The nursing staff excellent the CNAs excellent the food is good I will recommend this place to anyone for Rehab and the rehab staff excellent
James Nelson
Just want to extend my thanks to everyone that helps take care of my dad James. He has been here just about 3 yrs now and we are very happy with the way he is treated. The facility always listens to any concerns we have and they correct the situation immediately They have a great Activity program and we like to help with those also. The CNA's are very good and we really appreciate what they do behind the scenes. We highly recommend this facility.
Joanne Dangiolillo
Everyone has been very polite and very professional, I appreciate all they have done.
Jane Darveaux
The staff is wonderful! The coffee is terrible!
Judy Hubbes
I was treated like a queen!
Elizabeth Martinez
Great team!
Carmelo Rivera
Thank you to all the therapists, cna’s and nurses and all employees for their services!
Sandra Cusack
We could not have asked for a better place for my mother’s rehab. Everyone was so thoughtful , caring, and capable—-the welcoming Receptionists day and night, our LPNs (Crystal and Danela), our Physical Therapist, Ed, was exceptional, as was our Occupational Therapist, Dru. The nurses were excellent, both Crystal and Adonea, as were the doctor and her staff. Leona was in to check on us every day, to make sure Mom was comfortable, nourished, and hydrated. We are so blessed to have had this experience.
Mark Herzog
Great staff !
robert mackey
Great staff! I love the activities department! Very creative, love the horse visit, weekly pet therapy dogs, golden retrievers, ‘Scuba and Diver’ from New Horizons therapy dogs, fun Carnival and yummy Ice-cream socials!
Rosie Pingel
John Wright
Fantastic!!! Staff and all!
James Looper
Wonderful experience great folks.
hector beauchamp
Super staff. They did an amazing job. Thank you so much
Dana Gaffney
Everyone that comes in is great! Including the whole therapy crew, Betsy ,the social worker improved my mood, helped me so much, Betsy my guardian angel was excellent!
Chris Stafford
Has been a great experience. I highly recommend this place. Nurses, therapy and activities are great!
Elizabeth Hdez
Everything is good! No complaints about anything.
George Bernai
I have a professional relationship with Orange City Nursing and Rehab and the team is excellent. Their Admissions Director Julie is a pleasure to work with! She and I collaborate on many professional initiatives and I can always count on her. Cathy, Wendy, Rod, Beth, Betsy, Nancy, and the rest of the team all make it a positive experience to come to their facility.
Susie G.
Such a truly wonderful place. I love my job here at OCNR and I love working with our residents and families.
Wendy Emmett
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Made transition from hospital to facility smooth and from facility to home easy. Helped our family with resources and made us feel very safe with discharge.
Jeffrey Rivas
My father in law enjoyed his time at this center as he needed rehab after his COVID battle. Staff was attentive and efficient. The Yes say he enjoyed his time . The food was decent. He truly recovered and was discharged home safely. We are thankful for the admissions director and her hospitality to ensure he had a good as possible stay.
Erika Morris
Wonderful staff!! Julie from admissions was very thorough and efficient! Highly recommend!
Michelle Ho
Great facility! Staff really cares for patients like family. Nursing staff really puts in effort to keep patients safe and cared for. Rehab team is really on top when it comes to ensuring patients get therapy and are showing improvement.
Orange City Nursing and Rehabilitation is a wonderful, caring facility. They take great care of our residents by providing top notch nursing care, great food and a skilled, knowledgeable therapy department. Our residents thrive, get stronger and come home. We appreciate the staff and their dedication. American House Orange City loves their residents and appreciates you taking such great care of them. Thank you!
Carla Griffin
great place wonderful staff, god bless you all.
Fadi Adada
The staff at Orange City Nursing & Rehab Center was very nice. They took care of my father very well .They treated him with respect and if you had any concerns they would address it right away. If you need a place to take your loved one for a short time or long stay Orange City Nursing is the place to take them. They treat every one with respect.
Francina Frazier
Therapy was excellent. Good people at that facility. Nursing was good as well . Sometimes a wait but worth it. In general pretty good.
Patricia Lambert
Orange City Nursing and Rehab Center is a very clean and welcoming facility. All staff is very accommodating and friendly. If I had a family member in need of rehab or long term care this facility will be my number one pick! Great job to all staff on taking pride in your care and cleanliness.
Lindsie Fischetti
Very good care, food excellent, rehab fantastic, super clean. Staffing very caring, my 4th place, way better than the others
Peter Curtin
carmine locascio
Mom was there for 28 days after hip replacement. She was treated well by the nurses and the office staff was very helpful. Rehab was great, food was the reason for 4 not 5 stars!
Sabina L
Today's meal lamb, sweet potato and homemade wedding soup. Yummy
theresa williams
This is the best experience I have ever had. I was treated like a Princess. G reat service and food. Instant assistance upon calling for any type of help. I give it 5 stars. This place is germ free it is so clean. Good luck.
Jody Sereno
Excellent facility and people are very nice,good care and very clean!
Sara Irizarry
This is a great facility, the people are kind and thoughtful. It’s a beautiful place to live and the therapy team is incredible!
Latina Ferrer
I found the staff very helpful. The attention I received was felt in my heart As family helping a family member.
Buen servicio
Damarys Cortes
Excellent and lovely staff ♥️
Marcus Cortes
Excellent patient care, friendly caring staff
Husam Eddin
Dedicacion, y profecionalismo y sobre todo que siempre todo esta limpio estancia y pasientes.
Juana Robergeau Franco
I am so lucky to be a part of this wonderful team. Every day brings another example of the loving care our staff provides to our guests. Today I was greeted by a resident’s daughter who had tears in her eyes. She told me that she has never seen her mother so motivated and happy. She praised our therapists and nurses for their kindness and humor as they are coaching back to independence. So proud of this incredible staff!
Cathy Holland
The staff are good and caring
Victor J. Alfonso
My father is currently being cared for at this facility. The respect and compassion shown by the staff is amazing.
People here treated my father in law well. You get the odd CNA that is rude but that is with any of these types of facility. But over all experience here...there are a lot of great people doing their best. They are not miracle workers just good people doing a tough job.
Ivan Holiday
So proud to work at this 5 star facility.
Debbie Rosamonda
I have a power lift chair great condition and reasonable. Was my mother in laws didnt use it long
Melissa Drinks
I had surgery on my right foot to remove cancer. I have a graft from my thigh placed over where the cancer was. I really enjoyed my stay. The nurses, aids and everyone else was very delightful. The physical therapist taught me how to get from my bed to my wheel chair, how to strengthen my left leg and upper body so I can with stand the weight of my body. I would recommend Orange City Nursing and Rehad.
Wanda Pierson
My mother was a resident and received wonderful care from the staff while she was there. The food is very good, and allow families to dine or just sit with their loved one for meals. They have wonderful activities throughout the day for the residents, with music and singers coming in regularly to entertain the residents. We couldn't have been more comfortable or happier with my mother's care and treatment. Theresa is an amazing nurse. Rehab is also "top notch". It's a hard decision to place a loved one in a nursing facility, but this one is exceptional.
Ilene Carr
They have taken care of my mother well, but it's oy been a few weeks. Want to make sure it stays that way before giving a 5. So far, good care, good food, activities, and wonderful people that care for these patients and residents. So far we are very plessed!
Ilene Godfrey Carr
My father was there. They treated him like he was their father. Very clean. They are a caring facility.
Linda Lucas Martin